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Chart Industries Inc


Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)

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Charts data: {"Earnings":[{"time":"2014-12-30","value":81864000},{"time":"2015-12-30","value":-204516000},{"time":"2016-12-30","value":24697000},{"time":"2017-12-30","value":28000000},{"time":"2018-12-30","value":88000000},{"time":"2019-12-30","value":46400000},{"time":"2020-12-30","value":308100000},{"time":"2021-12-30","value":59100000},{"time":"2022-12-30","value":22600000},{"time":"2023-12-30","value":20000000}],"Sales":[{"time":"2014-12-30","value":1192952000},{"time":"2015-12-30","value":1040160000},{"time":"2016-12-30","value":859154000},{"time":"2017-12-30","value":988800000},{"time":"2018-12-30","value":1084300000},{"time":"2019-12-30","value":1299100000},{"time":"2020-12-30","value":1177100000},{"time":"2021-12-30","value":1317700000},{"time":"2022-12-30","value":1612400000},{"time":"2023-12-30","value":3352500000}],"Net Margins":[{"time":"2014-12-30","value":0.06862304602364555},{"time":"2015-12-30","value":-0.19661975080756808},{"time":"2016-12-30","value":0.028745719626516317},{"time":"2017-12-30","value":0.02831715210355987},{"time":"2018-12-30","value":0.08115835100986812},{"time":"2019-12-30","value":0.03571703487029482},{"time":"2020-12-30","value":0.26174496644295303},{"time":"2021-12-30","value":0.04485087652728239},{"time":"2022-12-30","value":0.014016373108409823},{"time":"2023-12-30","value":0.005965697240865026}],"Assets":[{"time":"2014-12-30","value":1462063000},{"time":"2015-12-30","value":1201976000},{"time":"2016-12-30","value":1233082000},{"time":"2017-12-30","value":1724700000},{"time":"2018-12-30","value":1897700000},{"time":"2019-12-30","value":2481400000},{"time":"2020-12-30","value":2570500000},{"time":"2021-12-30","value":3043800000},{"time":"2022-12-30","value":5901900000},{"time":"2023-12-30","value":9102400000}],"Stockholders Equity":[{"time":"2014-12-30","value":887080000},{"time":"2015-12-30","value":675736000},{"time":"2016-12-30","value":698677000},{"time":"2017-12-30","value":805200000},{"time":"2018-12-30","value":889000000},{"time":"2019-12-30","value":1232400000},{"time":"2020-12-30","value":1579300000},{"time":"2021-12-30","value":1625200000},{"time":"2022-12-30","value":2684300000},{"time":"2023-12-30","value":2939000000}],"ROE":[{"time":"2014-12-30","value":0.09228479956711909},{"time":"2015-12-30","value":-0.3026566588135011},{"time":"2016-12-30","value":0.03534823673886502},{"time":"2017-12-30","value":0.03477396920019871},{"time":"2018-12-30","value":0.09898762654668167},{"time":"2019-12-30","value":0.037650113599480686},{"time":"2020-12-30","value":0.1950864306971443},{"time":"2021-12-30","value":0.036364755107063745},{"time":"2022-12-30","value":0.008419327198897292},{"time":"2023-12-30","value":0.006805035726437564}],"ROA":[{"time":"2014-12-30","value":0.0944945600839362},{"time":"2015-12-30","value":-0.15243482398983008},{"time":"2016-12-30","value":0.046527319351024506},{"time":"2017-12-30","value":0.024352061228039658},{"time":"2018-12-30","value":0.04853243399905148},{"time":"2019-12-30","value":0.03260256306923511},{"time":"2020-12-30","value":0.04018673409842443},{"time":"2021-12-30","value":0.029075497733096787},{"time":"2022-12-30","value":0.025669699588268185},{"time":"2023-12-30","value":0.042922745649499036}]}

Chart Industries, Inc. manufactures and sells engineered cryogenic equipment for the industrial gas and clean energy markets in the United States and internationally. The company operates in four segments: Cryo Tank Solutions, Heat Transfer Systems, Specialty Products, and Repair, Service & Leasing. It provides bulk and packaged gas cryogenic solutions for the storage, distribution, vaporization, and application of industrial gases; cryogenic trailers, ISO containers, bulk storage tanks, loading facilities, and regasification equipment for delivering liquefied natural gas (LNG) into virtual pipeline applications; and large vacuum insulated storage tanks as equipment for purchasers of standard liquefaction plants. The company also offers natural gas processing solutions; process technology, liquefaction capabilities, and critical equipment for the LNG, include small to mid-scale facilities, floating LNG applications, and large base-load export facilities; brazed aluminum heat exchangers, Core-in-Kettle heat exchangers, cold boxes, air cooled heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and pipe works; and air cooled heat exchangers and axial cooling fans for the HVAC, power, and refining applications. In addition, it provides highly engineered equipment that is used in specialty end-market applications for hydrogen, LNG, biofuels, CO2 Capture, food and beverage, aerospace, lasers, cannabis, and water treatment; and cryogenic components, include vacuum insulated pipes, specialty liquid nitrogen, end-use equipment, and cryogenic flow meters. Further, it provides extended warranties, plant start-up, parts, 24/7 support, monitoring and process optimization, repairing, maintenance, and upgrading services; plant services on equipment; and service locations that undertake installation, service, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of cryogenic products, as well as equipment leasing solutions. Chart Industries, Inc. was founded in 1859 and is headquartered in Ball Ground, Georgia.


    In the chart Earnings are multiplied by this value.

    Earnings Growth 7.7%
    Earnings Stability -20%

    Competitiveness and MOAT

    High margins render the company resilient under dire circumstances, hence able to drive competitors out or acquire them. ROE and ROA measure the average flow generated by each invested dollar. Their marginal value is a forecast of future growth, and it is considered by Buffett and Munger the most important single indicator.

    Net Margin-20%2.9%2.8%8.1%3.6%26%4.5%1.4%0.6%1.2%

    What is the average Net Margin?

    The average Net Margin over the past 5 years is +7.39%.

    What is the trend of Net Margin?

    The trend of Net Margin over the past 5 years is -1.88%.

    What is the average Return on Assets (ROA)?

    The average ROA over the past 5 years is +3.65%.

    What is the trend of Return on Assets (ROA)?

    The trend of ROA over the past 5 years is -0.17%.

    What is the average Return on Equity (ROE)?

    The average ROE over the past 5 years is +6.39%.

    What is the trend of Return on Equity (ROE)?

    The trend of ROE over the past 5 years is -2.02%.

    Safety & Stabiliy

    Being debt the number one cause of investment losses and company death, the ratio Debt/FCF is of utmost importance to guarantee safety. On the other hand the Graham’s stability measures the drawdown of earnings, hence indicating the reliability of the flow generated by the company.

    Debt FCF4.041.5742.217.328.663.28-15.07392.4542.56-91.34
    Debt Equity0.330.340.620.690.690.280.690.961.441.38
    Graham Stability----99%100%40%16%15%15%

    What is the Debt/FCF?

    The Debt/FCF trailing twelve month is -91.34.

    What is the trend of Debt/FCF?

    The trend of Debt/FCF over the past 5 years is 37.41.

    What is the Graham’s Stability?

    Graham’s Stability measure stands at 0.15.


    Growth can be dangerous when forecasting, simply projecting the current growth is in general wrong. A company passes through multiple phases, from being young and unprofitable, to the first periods of profitability and high growth, until it arrives at a period of regime with limited growth. Identifying in which phase the company is in may help forecasting.

    Net Income-3%-26%-60%-12%-24%
    Stockholders Equity23%27%23%9.5%5.2%

    What is the 5 year Revenue CAGR?

    The Revenue CAGR over the past 5 years is +25.33%.

    What is the trend of Revenue growth?

    The trend of Revenue growth rate over the past 5 years is +9.61%.

    What is the 5 year Earnings CAGR?

    The Earnings CAGR over the past 5 years is -25.65%.

    What is the trend of Earnings growth?

    The trend of Earnings growth rate over the past 5 years is -23.58%.

    What is the 5 year Equity CAGR?

    The Equity CAGR over the past 5 years is +27.02%.

    What is the trend of Equity growth?

    The trend of Equity growth rate over the past 5 years is +5.19%.

    What is the 5 year FCF CAGR?

    The FCF CAGR over the past 5 years is +3.53%.

    What is the trend of FCF growth?

    The trend of FCF growth rate over the past 5 years is +143.65%.